Friday, November 16, 2012

Atreides LIVES !!! (...but he also dies a lot)

Well, you might actually see him roaming in the world of Lore as XAtreidesX... but no one would complain about a couple of X here and there, right ?

I recently made some accounts in the various Artix games, and I currently made this new alter-ego with quite a precise idea in mind-to the create one of the most epicly insane (or was insanely epic ? Well, let's not indulge in details) characters of AQ and AQW. Now, bear in mind that when I say that I don't mean "strong" or "cool" (not that I would mind that, though...) because it would be quite a delusional fantasy.The very purpose of such a character is actually to make fun of epicness and "ownage"-some kind of parody of the very well-known mythological hero Achilles (the name sounds pretty similar and is NO coincidence) and all powerhouse characters ever made.I think it's quite appropriate because it's pretty obviously the very same approach that Artix developers themselves use on that matter.  

Another quite interesting thing I will try to do is to test the game somehow (especially AQW) and see how far a character can go by only using "basic" equipment (non-members, non-AC).For those who will encounter the insane warrior during his crusade against evil, chaos and pretty much everything with a red name over his head, I'd like to say that I won't accept friendship requests until I'm around level 40 and I'll generally give priority to the 13 Chaos Lords quest for practical reasons-but I'll obviously be glad to help (and be helped) in furious boss battles.

With that said, here are the links to both Atreides accounts:


I will might even decide to write down a couple of stories about Atreides deeds sometimes - who knows ?

Well, at any rate...

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