Saturday, June 29, 2013

Gaming Rants: Adventure Quest 37.8

Against All Odds

We fought against any kind of monstrosities, from ancient dragons revived to rule the world to alien menaces threatening the whole galaxy - but the most punishing blow came from the most powerful being ever conceivable: Artix Entertainment itself.

Some players (read "me") doubted about the true usefulness of the Endurance (END) stat. To clear that doubt from us (read "me" again), the developers decided to make said stat even less useful than before - and that after I claimed defiantly that I would keep going with my 150 END and avoid the "untrain" trick, no matter the cost (read my previous AQ ranting post on this very blog for further details).

So what now ? Quests are simply going to be harder, more frustrating than ever. One might simply observe that all I have to do is to untrain END and distribute those points to different stats instead, but I want to offer a provoking thought: why not making the Endurance stat a useful one instead ?

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