Saturday, March 9, 2013

Random Rants: Adventure Quest

When the going gets tough.... the tough gets Missing

For those who don't know, Adventure Quest it's a free-to-play, turn-based web RPG.

After months of  furious battles I finally reached the so-called "mid-levels" and I had to witness some of the game limits - and more than anything else my precious character's build. 
When I started playing AQ I underestimated this game difficulty, naively thinking that all I had to do was to equip the right stuff with the right enemy. 
Now, I completed many of the game sagas (specific stories made up of several quests) and I had  to skip some quests because certain bosses (and even regular battles !!) were too strong for my character. "What went wrong ?" I asked myself - and the I found the answer by looking in the dedicated forum: the build (i.e. the way you distribute your character's point in the various stats) I made for my character is very, very bad. Too much Endurance, and not enough precision Dexterity and Luck. In other words, the great Atreides is a hyper-tank which lacks the precision he needs to hit the most nimble enemies.

Sure, there is an in-game trick to  reset to 0 one of your skills and distribute those point again, but  it seems a little too convenient to  me. So be it, then - what's done it's done. I will bear with the character's build as long as I'll be able to and make up for this grave mistake by distributing all the points to Luck for the next 12 levels (!?).  I'll much probably miss my enemies A LOT, get frustrated at unearthly levels - but just as a Savatage song say "that's the price you pay when you come to play".

                                              I'm afraid I'm going to see this a LOT :(

So take my heed, future heroes of Lore, and don't make the same mistake that Atreides did in his crazy quest for power. Don't train your stats carelessly thinking there will be no relevant consequences: read the instructions first

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