Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random Rants: Of Tweet And Man

In my early steps back on February 2012, I started The Crawler's account (aka @Crawler3333) as a "regular" RP account. Seeing that there were more Nightcrawlers out there (as expected), I decided to made some sort of "alternate" Nightcrawler, taking the funniest aspects of the well-known blue mutant teleporter. Seeing my lack of motivation and skill in making it a "true" RP account (especially when compared with some very serious, committed and amazing writers) I soon gave it the label of OOC ("Out Of Character") in my account bio.
Then something else happened, something called Adventure Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds. Both of them are RPG games, and RPG games are (with some noticeable exceptions) by definition some of the most time-consuming video-games ever.
Unable to drop off entirely The Crawler (thanks to which I was able to meet a considerable number of amazing people), I decided to drop most of the "role-playish" side on @Crawler3333 and turned it in an "RP-RL" account. For those who follow me for a long time, the change will be subtle and almost unnoticeable, but some of my followers (both old and new) might feel somehow "betrayed" by this choice. If you are among them, I guess I will have to beg your pardon and suggest you to search some good "true" Nightcrawler RPer. 
For better or worse, some followers (which I eventually followed back in turn) decided that The Crawler had its own right to be in that awkward reality I call the "Twitterverse" - and these are the ones I feel more obliged to. So yes, you'll have to bear with an alternate Nightcrawler which likes to "play Batman" in Metro City from Final Fight (I never said I would drop RP entirely, after all ;) ),  listens heavy metal, watches anime, plays videogames and all - and when you see tweets in Italian you can easily assume that's the writer talking. Or you could just push the "Unfollow" button.
That's what The Crawler / @Crawler3333 is, after all. Love it, hate it... or just let it be.

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